7 Things All Beginner Lifters Should Know

    7 Things All Beginner Lifters Should Know

    Here it is, the definitive list of mistakes that I and other people have made in the first year of the gym… Nah, just kidding. This is not going to be a usual type of list that you might read, I’m going to be throwing a few curve-balls in there. Now let's get to the list

    Find Out What You’re Nutrition Looks Like: 

    Oh boy, this is first because it’s IMPORTANT, and if you’ve read my last few pieces then you should know this. If you don't eat well, then your results won’t be the best they can be. Take a look at what you’re eating now, log it, (use an app, you’re tech savvy you know where to look) Are you getting enough protein? Chances are, if you’re just starting you might not be. Unless you’re really gone HAM on your nutrition, if so all the power to you my friend. Now apply the same thing to your training and you will be golden.  

    Your Program with Eventually Stop Getting You Results:

    This is because of the law of Diminishing Returns. The first place I heard about it was in the Taunt mechanic on the Onyxia fight in World of Warcraft (correct me if i'm wrong, it’s was something like that). Essentially it is “the more frequently you do something (something being the same spell, or the same weighted movement) the less effect it has over time. This is why use progressive overload, be it weight, reps, sets. Whatever it is to add to your volume. But usually you get to a point where you can’t add anymore weight to a set of five, if you’re doing fahves, because you’ve hit your limit. This is when you take a look at your program to change things up. This is where you start adding more volume.

    Expecting to Just End Up Huge on the Same Eating Plan:

    This goes in part with #1 but there is more to it. Calories are KING in the game of body composition. If you want to be big, you have to eat more. If you want to lose weight, you have to eat better food that is filling, more protein, good veggies and less garbage that got you there in the first place. Refer to #1. You won’t get huge eating one meal a day. Your body needs nutrients to grow. Why do you think pro athletes eat 4/5/6 times a day. Your body needs fuel and the sooner you look at food as fuel for your body, the sooner you will make progress. 

    Not Hydrating Pre-Workout:

    No that’s not hydrating with a pre-workout, what I mean is getting water in, and lots of it before you train. I can not count the amount of times that I have made this mistake and had to cut my session short because I’ve pulled something in my neck. I have tight traps to begin with, not getting putting water into my body before I start is a stupid thing to do. Your muscles are 75% water, and having them dehydrated will only lead to disaster.

    I now have a routine that fills me up with 500ml water before breakfast to help get ready for the day. I try keep on top of that throughout the day and I know when I’m dehydrated, because my neck gets super tight.  You must get that water in. Water is the key to success… I feel like that is something DJ Khaled would say ironically and mean it.

    Visualizing Yourself Performing the Perfect Movement will Pay Off:

    Are you ready for some crazy shit?
    I do this thing where I visualize myself going through what a perfect squat/bench/deadlift will look like, prior to getting up to heavy numbers. Then I look for YouTubers with the same body mechanics as myself, for me it’s Alan Thrall, then I watch them do the movement. My brain does something where I’m able to pair my vision, and what I’ve watched to my on the day performance. This is how I've ended up with a squat technique that I’m proud of… I’ve only just realized all of this in the past weeks during research for other things. I thought it was just the ability to mimic well, but in fact it’s what athletes do to put themselves in a winning mindset, and it usually pays off. 

    Comparing Yourself to Other People:

    This will destroy your gym game in an instant if you’re not careful, and it can even hurt you. Just because there is a guy who maybe looks like you, doesn't mean you can hit the same weight as them. It’s the same as saying you’ll never be able to hit that weight. That person has been training for 10 years! You’ve been at it two weeks! Have patience.

    There is a big debate going on in the inner circles about how detrimental Instagram actually is for people starting out at the gym. Yes you can have fitness goals and aspire to look like the models. But when these people are lying to you and claiming you can achieve the same look at them, and then claim to be natural, when it’s very clear they’re on the special sauce, they give you a false sense of hope and a goal you can never achieve, that is where I personally draw the line. Honesty to yourself will only help you achieve amazing things..

    There is No Secret to Fat Loss:

    The last one is a simple one. I started working out and I grew muscle, but I also dropped body fat, because I was unknowingly in a deficit. Refer to #1

    In the “eat less, move more” formula, I had only added the move more, as I didn’t need to eat less. I was around 70 kg, which is quite underweight, and I’d been less which terrifies me when I think about it. So to go any further into the shredded life would be a bit stupid.

    When I got up to 91kg, and wanted to lose some of the body fat I had gained, I ate less and moved relatively the same, only adding super small changes. In a body fat cut, you want to maintain your muscle. You can’t really build any but you can definitely lose it if you’re not clever.

    Try not to fall for the scams of the industry, they’re designed to pry on your fears and pains for a quick money grab. Rather than give you a long term solution to your problems.

    If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! Hard work and simple principles will get you to fat loss.

    That’s all for now, I hope it made you think about things in new light

    See you in the next one



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