Discord Text Formatting Guide

discord text formatting

We have been getting a lot of questions in our discord channel about how to bold, Italic, strikeout and underline in a discord text channel. What better way for us to educate you than to provide the chat formatting codes in this simple guide. It is guaranteed to enhance your discord experience.

Discord Text Formats

  • italics:  *italics*
  • bold: **bold**
  • bold italics: ***bold italics***
  • Discord
    strikeout: ~~strikeout~~
  • Discord
    underline: __underline__
  • Discord
    underline italics:  __*underline italics*__
  • Discord
    underline bold:  __**underline bold**__
  • Discord
    underline bold italics: __***underline bold italics***__ 

Discord Code Blocks

Another cool feature in the discord chat is code blocks. This allows you to wrap text in backticks on single line or multiline code block. Discord channel admins have the ability to designate a specific language for code blocks to allow syntex highlighting - how cool is that?

  • single line code block:  (`)
  • multiline code block: (```)

We hope this discord text formatting guide came in handy. If it did, drop us a comment to let us know. If you have other discord questions, checkout discords help center


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