Getting Gamers Started in the Gym

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    "The hardest part about doing anything new is the initial start"

    Gamers already possess the fundamentals for being the best gym rats around. We understand what it takes to level up and progress throughout a game, so why not take that same attitude to the gym. In this article, we will cover how you can get started in the gym and stick with it. Let’s do it!

    The Mindset

    The hardest part about doing anything new is the initial start. Think about video games like Skyrim; when you start out your stats will be low and you have no experience with how to tackle each type of enemy. Once you start putting in the time, leveling up, and gaining experience you will see your hard work start to payoff. The gym is no different. Put in the initial work needed and you will succeed. The first step is to find your training ground. Ask around to find the perfect spot and be sure to go in and get a tour. Once you find your gym, the next step is setting goals.


    Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, identify what skills you want to master. It’s best to have a large overall goal and break it down into smaller objectives. Think about in video games how you might have a strength skill that you can master up to level 100. As you progress to levels 5, 15, 25, etc. the game will reward you for your progress. The same concept applies in the gym. If you want to lose 50 pounds, focus on the first pound, and what you must do to get there. Once you lose the first pound the next one will be easier and you will become more aware of what it takes for your body to achieve your overall goals. If you continue to make small checkpoints along the way, you will never disappoint yourself and you will always feel as if you are progressing.

    Setting up a Gym Routine

    Sticking to a routine is the most important thing you can do in the gym. If you say you are going three days a week, plan ahead by choosing what days and times in advance. It is important to make time and not think to make time. Most gamers who want to be the best at a certain video game, have a schedules to play the game. View the gym as a game that you must make time for to progress and you will be on your way. On a side note great resources to learn different exercises and routines are and YouTube videos.

    Pain is Only Temporary

    Your first few weeks in the gym will be painful. You will feel muscles and soreness in areas you have not felt before. This is the initial phase where you are level 1, but once you get over the initial hump the pain will subside (This initial hump is the first 90 days of going to the gym). You will learn to accept the pain and love the muscle pump.

    Initial Results

    Once you notice initial results of muscle or weight loss you will see that all your hard work has paid off. The gym, like your favorite video game, will become an addiction. Now that you are hooked, keep going! Learn as much as you can and encourage others to start their own gym quests. This is just the beginning of the journey.


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