GG Gamer Supps Review 2019 – Is it the Best Energy Supplement?

GG Gamer Supps Review

Sometimes gamers and gym goers need to top up their energy so that they can remain indefatigable throughout their physical activities. Many organizations, among them GIANT bodybuilding supplement company, have been manufacturing energy supplements to help stimulate the focus of its user. GG is made by Gamer Supps in conjunction with GIANT bodybuilding supplement company using various natural extracts with zero calories to give you the focus and energy you need to remain motivated throughout your fitness activity.

Gamer Supps rely on highly skilled and world-class chemists to come up with effective formulas to be used by eSports Athletes, Twitch Streamers, and other gamers across the globe. The aim of Gamer Supps is to avail these energy supplements at a much lower cost in comparison to the competing brands. If you are looking for the healthiest way to stay motivated during your sporting or gaming activity, then GG is your best option.

This article provides a review of GG with respect to its taste, ingredients, benefits, drawbacks, and other factors that describe its usability. Read on to be able to make an informed decision when shopping for GG dietary supplements.


GG is designed as a natural powder with zero sugars that can be mixed up into an energy drink. It is available in various flavors, implying that you can choose your favorite flavor when buying the stimulant to use as you game. None of GG’s flavors leaves an after-taste once you drink it. To fit the taste and preference of all its consumers across the globe, Gamer Supps keeps trying new flavors. The many flavors make GG one of the best energy drinks that you will find in the market. You can get GG in green apple, mango, passion fruit, kiwi, and many other flavors.

It contains artificial sweeteners and flavors that give it the candy taste that most people love. GG also has the smack sensation that most people want in an energy drink. The sweeteners used in GG are healthy unlike those used in regular energy drinks. 

GG's great taste will make you want more and more of the energy drink, especially considering that it has zero calories and zero carbs. With GG, you will attain optimal gaming energy, a factor that has made the energy drink inseparable from gamers. If all you want is to change your lifestyle by promoting your health and wellness through physical fitness, GG is a good start to keep you motivated and focused towards achieving your set goals. 

When you buy GG, it is not in a can like most energy drinks. Rather, it is a powder that you need to mix with clean water in a shake. The powder will readily dissolve and mix up well in your shaker cup. 


GG stands out from its competitor brands because it is healthy and capable of giving you enough energy to get through your daily activities with ease. With a single serving, you will have enough powder to mix in your drinking water and use all day long. It is an excellent way to replace the cup of coffee, since its stimulants are natural and safe to drink. Some of the ingredients used to make GG are:

200mg Caffeine

You get 100mg in every serving of GG, which compares well to a cup of coffee. The label indicates that each container of GG has about 200mg of caffeine, which is one of the highest levels you will find in an energy drink. This keeps you energized throughout the day. It also means that you should avoid taking too much GG as it may affect your fine-dexterity.

125mg Kigelia Africana

Kigelia Africana belongs to the Aliphatic Amine class and contains DMHA, which gives GG the ability to boost your energy levels immediately after intake. This makes GG ideal for eSports athletes and gamers as it keeps them focused and alert without the possibility of crashing. If you are not undertaking these activities, you should avoid the daily drinking of GG.

25mg Bai Mudan White Tea  

The Bai Mudan White Tea contains high levels of caffeine and polyphenol that increases your energy, therefore, keeping you motivated as you go about your activities. Gamersupps are indeed a great choice when shopping for effective energy drinks.


This brand of energy drinks has proven to be reliable as a twitch GG, since it leads to a burst of energy after drinking it. It can also be used as GG gaming to improve your overall focus when trying to attain the high score or excel in a game. GG is one of the best energy drinks available in the market today thanks to its superb ingredients. 
The ingredients make GG:

  • A great energizer,
  • Stronger than its comparable alternatives, and
  • Able to keep you focused for long hours as you are gaming or sporting.

To get the best from GG, you are encouraged to take it in the morning. This way, you are assured of remaining energetic all day long.


Like many energy drinks, GG also has its disadvantages, especially when it comes to its ingredients and taste. The main issue with GG is the high levels of caffeine used with the aim of increasing your energy.

  • This caffeine may affect the normal functioning of your body with respect to fine dexterity.
  • DMHA that is found in Kigelia Africana Extract has similar effects as DMAA, which was banned because it causes heart attacks and death in pre-workouts.
  • GG is labelled as having zero sugar and zero calories yet it does contain other artificial sweeteners.
  • GG could be healthier by eliminating Octadrine, artificial colors, and flavors from it's ingredients.

Is it Worth it?

Despite its few shortcomings, GG is a great energy supplement for you as it will keep you energized while you are gaming or working out. It is an excellent choice for gamers across the world, which is why it is commonly referred to as GG gaming. The drink also boasts of twitch GG properties that have made it popular among twitch streamers, gamers, and athletes. You can never go wrong with this brand of supplements as it features natural extracts and healthy ingredients. 

Gamersupps is a reliable supplement manufacturer that has collaborated with GIANT bodybuilding supplement company to develop a sugar free energy drink with zero calories. It is made of high quality ingredients that have been researched on and reliably mixed by top chemists working closely with the manufacturing companies. 

GG is also available in a wide variety of flavors to choose from depending on your taste and preferences. These flavors range from strawberry, watermelon, passion fruit, green apple, kiwi, mango, lemon, dragon fruit, orange, and blueberry, among others. The chemists are still improving the quality of GG on a daily basis as they test different flavors, ingredients, sweeteners, and colors. 

Because of all of the above factors, we agree that GG is worth every dime. The $34.99 price tag is quite a bargain when compared to its competitors. Buying GG supplements is a good way to spend your money if you are an athlete, gamer, or twitch streamer. 

Customer Reviews

According to our research on the customer reviews presented on Amazon, GG has attained a score of 3.9 out of 5 stars. In comparison to its competitors, this is an impressive score. 

Most of the users argue that the flavors and taste of GG is great for a sugar-free energy drink. Some of the tastes that users liked were in GG drinks flavored with raspberry and strawberry. The users did not experience any aftertaste once they drank GG. 

The ingredients used to make GG are amazing and effective in meeting the intended purpose of the energy drink. The caffeine levels, however, are a bit high as compared to the other energy drinks in the market. DMHA that is extracted from Kigelia Africana, however, has received some mixed reactions with some users arguing that it is similar to DMAA that was banned for causing heart attacks and death.

A great energy boost is experienced after consuming GG. With the supplement, you will not be worried about cases of crashing. You will enjoy an amazing strength stability as you go about your physical fitness activities. GG gaming and twitching GG have become popular among the customers looking to increase their energy. The positive effect of GG on physical and mental energy has made gamers and athletes consider it their number one energy drink. 

Users claim that GG also increased their focus. In the case of gamers, for instance, they are able to remain attentive during the entire playtime. The users reported no jitters after drinking this energy supplement. This means that GG can improve your gaming ability by giving you an enhanced focus.

GG has been made with ingredients that will keep you energized and motivated as you work out. It is a good supplement to go with your pre workout session as it is made to boost your endurance.


Many types of bodybuilding and energizing supplements are available in the market today. These supplements are designed to help improve your energy levels, focus, motivation, and endurance in gaming, sports, and workout. GG is among the few openly accepted and consumed energy supplements due to its healthy ingredients and reliable benefits.

If you are looking to boost your overall performance, Gamersupps could be a great idea because it will boost your energy levels and drive you to a healthier lifestyle. You, therefore, can promote your wellbeing and physical fitness by consuming this energy drink. Before buying any dietary supplements, however, it is essential that you assess and research the ingredients used, their benefits, and side effects. This is a great way of determining whether the product you are about to take is efficient, reliable, and result-oriented.

GG is designed to motivate and drive you to unlock your unexploited potential and to be able to attain a peak performance. Gamers, twitch streamers, and eSport athletes can rely on this natural dietary supplement. We found it worth its price and highly effective.

Have you tried GG yet? If you have, how was it? Feel free to share your experiences after using it.

  • Ingredients
  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Taste
  • For Gaming
  • As a Pre Workout


GG Gamer Supps is one of the best pre workouts and gaming supplements on the market. Grab the free sample packs off of their website and give it a try.


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