The Appropriate Diet for Effective Exercise

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    Applying a well-balanced and straightforward food formula, you can discover what to eat to get the energy to carry out a useful training.

    Energy is required to perform an adequate exercise, and you can only get it from food. Therefore, you need to eat adequately before engaging yourself in any fitness exercises and eat after to refuel yourself.

    The quantity of food an individual needs depending on weight, sex, activity stage, and age. How fast your calorie burns relies, not only on the form of fitness activity, you engage yourself in, but also on, how smartly you perform it. That is why you need to classify your calories between carbohydrates, protein, and fats.

    • Carbohydrates: Starch and sugars are the major constituents of carbohydrates, which the body system breaks down into glucose that the muscles make use of for energy. The liver stores the surplus carbohydrates and tissues in the form of glycogen and release them when needed. The glycogen gives the power for prolonged endurance during vigorous exercise sessions. You can get great amounts of carbohydrates from full grain bread, cereals, vegetables, rice, and pasta.
    • Protein: Your major meals should contain protein because it will aid the gradual absorption of carbohydrates. Beans, fish, chicken, eggs, and meats are excellent sources of protein and just 3 ounces in each meal is sufficient.
    • Fat: you need some amount of fat to balance your diet, and you can get them from low-fat dairy products such as small cuts of meat, and one percent milk that will provide the adequate fat your body system requires.

    If you can apply the combination of these classes above of food in your major meals, you surely will get the appropriate energy to perform any fitness exercise.

    To have a healthy breakfast, take a full-fiber cereal (like oatmeal or a full grain cereal), a small fat dairy product, and a glass of fresh juice. Then for your lunch, you take a sandwich made from small meat or fish on full grain bread, together with fresh veggies and fruits. Even though energy and protein bars are handy, it is not appropriate for you to replace your meals with them.

    Timing Snacks and Meals

    If you start a fitness exercise in the morning and you were not opportune to eat something before starting, you will inevitably exhaust your stored energy. Therefore, it is necessary for you to eat a small piece of fruits or snacks. Perhaps you plan to have an extended exercise, eat a meal rich in carbohydrates at least four hours before the exercise. Nevertheless, you must select foods that will digest quickly.

    Factor in Fluids

    It is fundamentally essential to drink fluids ahead, during, and after any fitness exercise session. If the exercise is strenuous, you must drink fluids even without being thirsty.

    Water is the best option for most fitness activities. If the exercise is going beyond 90 minutes or higher, drinking sports drinks that have carbohydrates and electrolytes will benefit you a lot. However, sports drinks are for people who undergo highly strenuous and lengthy actives. An average person will not necessarily need it.

    If at all you drink coffee or any caffeinated beverage, you must drink an equal amount of water because caffeine causes dehydration.

    In conclusion, you will get the adequate energy for your fitness exercise if you eat regular meals that contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fat, and drink a fair amount of water.


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